Serial Data Logger

with PIC microcontroller

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Recently I started work on a couple of projects that required digitizing and storing a constant stream of measurements from a sensor. Initially my plan was to interface the microcontroller to a flash memory card and to store the data on the card. While I was torturing my aging brain with the difference between MMC, RS-MMC, MMC plus, and microSD, a couple of neurons randomly firing in desperation came up with this alternative - forget about using a memory card, store the data on a computer:
Data logger configuration

The obvious disadvantage is that a computer is needed, which makes the setup less portable. But there are significant advantages too:
  • large amounts of data can be stored;
  • data can be easily monitored in real time;
  • information can be directly uploaded to the Internet;
  • the diagram above looks way cooler with a computer in it (compare to this).

How it works
The sensor can be almost anything - I'm working on a light recording project, where the sensor is just a photoresistor; also I'm building a magnetometer with a more complex sensor. Whatever the sensor, the data logger amplifies the signal, encodes it and shoots it over to the computer for prorcessing and storage via standard serial interface.

      Main           Schematics           Software           Construction      Other Projects  
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