Science and Engineering Projects

PIC microcontrollers, electronics, science projects, and other stuff



PVC pipe DIY torsion magnetometer.

Data Logger

Serial-interface ADC and data logger project.

Emergency Excuse Generator

A must-have for any respected professional.

Mars Clock

Turning an old modem into an astronomical and general use clock.

Air Sampler

Collecting pollen and particulate matter from the air, to be analyzed later under a microscope.

Cloud Chamber

A Peltier-cooled cloud chamber.

Car LED Lights

Cheap way to replace car interior lights with LEDs.

Light-to-Sound Converter

Capture and record light, speed it up, play it as sound.

DTMF quick dial box

Programmable phone dialer with 16 numbers memory, adjustable dialing speed, and other useful features.

Countdown Timer

A generic countdown timer project using PIC16F690 or similar microcontroller.

Battery tester

A very simple tester for 1.2V - 9V batteries.

Red Light for Astronomy Observing

PIC-controlled adjustable brightness red LED lamp for astronomy observing.

Controlling LCD display over IR link

Serial communication between two PIC microcontrollers via infrared link.



GPS tracklog processing, cleanup, and repair tool (Windows application)

GPS Track Visualization

Perl-scripts for making pretty pictures from GPS tracking data.

Multi-byte math library

PIC assembly library - multibyte addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, modulus, and logical operations.

LCD Screenshot Generator

Tool for creating LCD display screenshots. Different display sizes and colors are supported.

Seven-Segment LED image gallery

7-segment LED display images for project documentation, web-sites, etc.

TI-89 Games

Games for the Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium graphing calculator.

Electronics shops in the San Francisco Bay Area

My favorite electronics shops, with focus on the South San Francisco Bay.


Crochet Sphere Pattern Generator

An online calculator for creating crochet sphere patterns (can also be used for knitting).

Crochet Lathe

Generator for 3D crochet objects. Draw the object outline, press a button, get the crochet pattern.

Peripheral Vision Test

An online tool that maps your blind spot.


Geological maps for download.