GPSMash 1.4
Aug 7, 2013

GPSMash is a command-line utility for Windows for processing GPS tracklog data. Capabilities of GPSMash include:

Here are a couple of examples of what can be done using GPSMash. The first one is a 3D visualization of over 1 million GPS trackpoints centered around the San Francisco Bay Area:

The GPS data has been organized, cleaned-up, and converted to X3D format using GPSMash. The visualization of the X3D data was done in Blender.

The second example is a speed histogram of the same data, showing the amount of time spent moving at different speeds. Each peak in the table corresponds to a different mode of transportation (walking, biking, driving in the city and on the highway):

The GPS data has been analyzed and converted to CSV format in GPSMash. The graph was generated from the CSV data using Excel.