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  Scale: 1 dot = 10 st

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Using the Crochet Lathe

The Crochet Lathe lets you easily create custom crochet patterns. The principle is the same as when shaping an object using a lathe. Draw the profile of the object, press a button, and you will get the crochet pattern with instructions.

Check the example patterns first - this should make things clear.

Decide how big your object is going to be. The dimensions used in the Crochet Lathe are in stitches. One dot on the work pane corresponds to ten stitches. Use the zoom slider on the left of the work pane to select the appropriate scale. You can also set a name for your project in the Project Name text box.


Use the mouse to create the outline for the project. The buttons work as follows:

EditMove or add points. To add a new point, position the mouse between two existing points and drag.
DeleteDelete points.
MoveMove the pattern left/right or increase/decrease its width.
Round/SharpMake edges round or sharp.

When you are finished, press the [Get Pattern] button. This will open a new tab in your browser with the crocheting pattern for your project. Finally, the [Clear] button erases the pattern.

Saving and Sharing Your Project

Bookmark the [Link to Your Project] to save the project or send the link to your friends to share it.